Oberon Lai

A person who likes to create business models, websites and web apps, cofounder of "Flash Stories" which has been featured by tech media, also a heavy user of e-book, WordPress and games, has just recently board the island of Animal Crossing. 😀

A freelancer, with 10 years of experience in website projects, I has worked as a front-end engineer for an online game platform, a website planner & front-end engineer for an insurance company, a graphic design assistant and a bookstore clerk. From being a one-man studio, to specializing in front-end engineering and WordPress custom development, I have participated in various types of website projects. I founded Hellowp WordPress hosting service in 2017, gave a speech at WordCamp Taipei in 2018, and successfully uploaded my first plugin in 2019. This year, I continue to work on WordPress development, hoping to create more interesting web apps.

💻 Current Projects

B2B Knowledge Base - Integration with QA Engine, customization of member fields, WP backend and option page.
Food EC Site - WooCommerce Product Field Plugin and Announcement Management Plugin Development.

Side Project:
Building Web APP with WordPress Book report for 18 chapters
MadewithWP – The platform of collecting the sites made with WordPress

PHP OOP Way - It seems to be better to read OOP in English than Chinese.
The Great Firewall of China – A microcosm of the history of the control of speech in China.
REST API Handbook – WordPress REST API document

🏁 Finished in 2020

UserXper – WordPress course enrollment system development, report management, payment gateway integration
Innews – Daily news website in Front End & Back End Development
WooCommerce orders plugin – automate the process of exporting orders to ERP system

Side Project:
Handbookspub – Turn WordPress handbook into e-pub books
ODS – Oberon's codebase and design system

How can oberon help you in freelance career - my process of freelancing career
How do I make a quotation - be a freelancer with agile spirit
How to write the effective specification – Documentation of client's requirements
ODS Starter Theme - WordPress starter theme with useful package
Digital Minimalism - Choosing the technology with consideration and carefulness

Block Editor Handbook – 古騰堡編輯器 Block 開發 101
Discover Object Oriented Programming Using WordPress – Carl Alexander 大神撰寫的針對 WordPress物件導向開發的好書
Coding Standards Handbook – WordPress 程式碼規範
生時間 – Google Design Sprint 共同發起人的時間管理之書
聰明人都實踐的輸出力法則 – 產出才是重點,透過產出來進行修正調整,實際做過的事情才是自己的!
個人化財務報表 – 用損益表與資產負債表來檢視個人財務狀況
閃電式開發 – XDite 的產品開發經驗談,非常深入且實用,但要忍受一堆中國用語就是了…
Plugin Handbook – WordPress 外掛開發 101
操弄【劍橋分析事件大揭祕】 – 當成小說來

New Friends:
Tony Lee – 台灣第一位取得 Scrum.org 證照的教練,積極推動 Scrum 軟體開發方法

😎 2020 Goals

FB 社團爬蟲 – 把社團貼文、留言拉到網站裡面
JavaScript – 學習 React.js、React Native 開發,對 Node.js、MongoDB 有基礎認識
Material UI for Block Editor – 把 Material UI 做成 WP Block 外掛,走過一次 Gutenberg 開發
Cottonbureau – 設計些 Logo 丟上去賣,讓開源專案有些小小的收入

🥳 2019 Achievements

Flash Stories – 專門為不懂程式的人開發的 AMP Stoires 編輯器,透過拖曳式介面設計內容
Justgirl.me – Google Blogger 設計、被 Blogger 語法折騰了很久
關係動力學官網 – 前端程式與後端購物系統、線上影音課程開發
Cnex 官網 – 負責 Vue.js&Laravel API 規格制定( Swagger )、專案需求修改確認 PM
Media with FTP – WordPress 外掛開發,提供使用者從後台透過 FTP 上傳到圖床
Hellowp – 經營滿兩年,累積代管網站達標 100 個

🗓 Career highlights

EveryTheme – WordPress Web App ,提供版型搜尋功能
FemtoPath – WordPress 後端客製化開發
全英遊學 – WordPress 版型客製化開發
Microad – Vue.js 搭配 WordPress Rest API 開發,做動畫做到失眠 Orz…
慕樂牙醫診所 – Vue.js 前端開發
影像星球 – WordPress 後端客製化開發
實踐大學工業設計系 – WordPress 後端客製化開發
致公 – WordPress 前後端客製化開發

💼 WordPress Tutorial

WooCommerce 結帳欄位客製大全 – 介紹如何修改 WooCommerce 購物車的外掛的結帳欄位
WordPress 佈景主題 CSS 客製化 – CSS 教學入門以及如何修改 WordPress Theme 的 CSS
WordPress 主題購買後如何安裝成像展示的一樣? – 將社群常發問的問題整理成操作步驟

🎙 Speech

接案不孤單,團結力量大! – 板橋 WordPress 小聚分享遠距團隊協作心法
時速兩百麥的 WordPress 接案術 – WordCamp Taipei 2018 分享,介紹使用 Docker 優化本機開發流程

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