Become the big decision maker by Dan Martell

Recently, I found a fact which is I was a totally different person with my co-worker, especially in the “Big Decision” I thought. I have the idea about the LEAN spirit, try quickly and fail quickly. But I can’t try it without any research or information. For me, it’s like a blind walk into street.

I prefer to define the testing goals, how to test, and how can I evaluate the testing result. I will not test if I don’t have enough information. The video I watched today help me to figure out how to make the decision objectively.

  1. Define the problem – figure out what’s the specific problem behind it
  2. Research the solution space – use google image to search visual framework about your solution
  3. Connect with your mentor – ask the mentor which you want to be
  4. Verify with your peers – confirm the decision with your partner or co-worker
  5. Decide and Adjust – wrong decisions is better than no decisions

Use the JFDI ( Just F**king Do It! ) if you still can’t make the decisions after above steps.


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