The Five Strategies to Grow Traffic by Neil Patel

There are five methods to grow website traffic in this video made by Neil Pated.

  1. Pillar page and content clusters
  2. Keeping update the old post
  3. Land and expand the content with extend keywords that user need it
  4. Internationalize your website
  5. Building amazing marketing tool on your website

In recent weeks, I start to write a post about the coding of WordPress Theme develop. The great example he mentions is MOZ’s post “The Beginner’s Guide to SEO“. It uses the pillar page to gather all the articles about the topic and all these sub articles backlink to pillar page. The page rank top when search keyword “SEO”. I will copy this structure to my post.

About updating the old post, I know this method before, but I didn’t keep doing that because of lazy or whatever reasons. I think it should be a schedule to implement this strategy.

The expand keywords strategy he has taught in another movie, and I have been executed in another site. Maybe I will check the GA after 1 or 2 months later.

I am practicing to write in English. Although I have studied Español for two years, I can’t remember anything at all Orz…

I love to build the tool. That’s what I do now. CodeCanyon is a great place to find any paid WordPress plugin or any kinds of program to build some tools.


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